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MBA in Accounting Business Ethics

MBA in Accounting and Business Ethics

A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in accounting is a qualification that can assist careers as a corporate treasurer, controller or chief financial officer (CFO). Any business that brings in money will want to utilize an accounts manager as part of their business administration team to manage tax reports and income statements and literally account […]

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Accounting MBA Curriculmn

Accounting MBA Curriculum

Businesses today are being held accountable more and more by various regulatory agencies and the government. Today accounting specialists are needed by companies to meet these new exacting standards of reporting and transparency. If you already have a degree in accounting (or even a CPA), the accounting MBA might take you further in your career […]

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Online MBA in Accounting

The Online MBA in Accounting

Chances are, if you are considering earning a Masters of Business Administration Degree (MBA) with an accounting specialization, you are already working in accounting. You might even already have your CPA license (certified public accountant) and have found a pretty good job earning a nice paycheck. But if you’re interested in taking that next step […]

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Online MBA in Finance

The Online MBA in Finance

Today’s business environment requires more skills than ever to successfully manage. Corporations and other organizations need spirited, skilled managers in order to compete in our current economy. One way to gain these management skills is to earn an MBA. The skills you might gain from an MBA with a finance specialization could potentially help you […]

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MBA in corporate finance and investment

MBA Corporate Finance and Investment

As the business world changes and evolves – particularly with the changes in our economy – the need for specialists in specific aspects of business continues to grow. Today, one of the most interesting areas of specialization is in corporate finance and investment, so a new Masters of Business Administration degree for corporate finance and […]

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