MBA in Accounting and Business Ethics

MBA in Accounting Business Ethics

A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in accounting is a qualification that can assist careers as a corporate treasurer, controller or chief financial officer (CFO). Any business that brings in money will want to utilize an accounts manager as part of their business administration team to manage tax reports and income statements and literally account for all the money. Achieving an MBA in accounting can give students the skills to keep concise records of all financial data being used in the business’ day-to-day economic decisions.

Many businesses need accounting data before proceeding with any economic decisions. Informing outsiders interested in a company of a corporation’s economic status is one such use of accounting data, while management inside the company would require a more intensive set of data to aid in general operations and evaluating performance. There is also the need to provide accounting data to government agencies such as the IRS.

In this post-Enron world, with a struggling economy and AIG collapse in the news, business ethics teachings in MBA programs have been given a closer look. The idea of “business as usual” is no longer desired, and instead, a focus on business ethics will teach students about corporate responsibility and thinking of business in global terms. An MBA in accounting with a focus on business ethics seeks to provide the tools to become a conscientious leader in the corporate world.

More and more businesses being created require accountants to set up their books and prepare their taxes. The complexity of the modern corporation and the continually changing tax laws and new standards in financial reporting, as well as their global reach, make the person with an MBA in accounting and business ethics a weapon in a company’s arsenal to be financially responsible on a global stage.

An MBA typically takes two years to complete if attending full-time. There are many options for the individual already working full-time or the stay at home mother or father, such as online courses and night classes. Students will study the analysis and how to apply that data to tax research and preparation, auditing, and how to provide management advice. Course study will guide the student towards taking the Certified Public Accountants exam. Whether you are just interested in finance or already working in the field, an accounting MBA will enable you to embark on a potentially lucrative career. What are you waiting for?