Accounting MBA Curriculum

Accounting MBA Curriculmn

Businesses today are being held accountable more and more by various regulatory agencies and the government. Today accounting specialists are needed by companies to meet these new exacting standards of reporting and transparency. If you already have a degree in accounting (or even a CPA), the accounting MBA might take you further in your career than you imagined.

But what will you learn while you earn an accounting MBA? Here is a simple breakdown of the average curriculum for this graduate degree. Each MBA degree focuses on some core strategies that strive to make students better business managers. Here are a few typical subject areas:

  • Business strategy and how to factor outside and internal elements into making long-term plans for a business.
  • Basic accounting, including recent legal changes that have impacted how businesses report their finances.
  • Economic theories and philosophy.
  • Finance and financial management.
  • Basics of human resources and how important it is to form a great team.
  • Marketing management and how quickly marketing is changing thanks to the Internet.
  • Manufacturing and its history.
  • Basic operations and management of organizations.
  • Statistics and how to use the knowledge gained from statistics to create business strategy.
  • Information technology and how it has changed the face of business in recent years.

Once students have tackled and mastered the basics, they then begin studying accounting in more detail. Here is what might be studied:

  • Accounting software and programs designed to track financial records and transactions.
  • Critical thinking and how to strategize a companies finances.
  • Financial decision making and planning.
  • Human behavior in organization and group dynamics.
  • Taxes and tax law and how they apply to your business.
  • Accounting and business ethics.
  • Auditing process and compliance.
  • Legislation and changes that impact financial reporting requirements.
  • Business evaluation and analysis.
  • Successful business design.

As you can see, an accounting MBA includes an exciting and invigorating variety of coursework, providing students with some of the skills they need to succeed in their careers. If you are eager to climb that corporate ladder, start your future with an MBA specializing in accounting!