Applying to Business School for a General Management MBA

Applying for Business Schools General Management MBA

You have decided that the general management Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is the right degree for you. Congratulations! You have made a smart choice. But before you start looking for jobs, you need to get through business school first – and that means you need to go through the application process. This business school application process can be overwhelming, but we are here to guide you through it.

Here is the first thing to remember about applying to earn a general management MBA degree: it takes time. The process is time-consuming, start to finish. But this is a good thing! Just like you cannot pull a business out of the red in a week, you cannot rush your business school application. It is important to go through all of the steps slowly and carefully, making sure you are not missing anything.

It is also very important to tailor your application differently for each school to which you apply. If one business school has a focus on quantitative management, note what in your background is applicable to that area of management. It is also important that you focus on how well-rounded you and your experience are in your application; after all, the best managers are those that have not only knowledge and skill, but also real-world experience.

There are several key elements to the business school application we should discuss. First and foremost, of course, is the GMAT (the Graduate Management Admission Test). Study first. Study hard! Do not be afraid to take the GMAT more than once, and do not take it until you are ready.

Another key element to the MBA application is your recommendations. Make sure the people you ask for recommendations actually know you well and also know that you are seeking the general management MBA. This way their recommendations can be both informative and relevant, presenting you in your best light.

Then we get to the essay. The essay is a critical element to the MBA application. It offers the admissions staff the first introduction to you as a person instead of just a collection of academic history. You must make your essay engaging, intelligent, and dynamic – this is the way to have your application rise to the top of the pile. Also, never re-use your essays. Write a new one for each business school.

Once you reach the end point of the application process – the interview – you must jump the last hurdle before admission. Not every school requires an interview, but if they do, you should aim to be personable, articulate, and smart. Good luck! Start earning your general management MBA today.