MBA in Bioinformatics and IT Management

Bioinformatics and IT Management MBA

Would you like to combine your scientific interests with work in the area of business information? Does the business world hold a fascination for you? Are you looking for a more challenging job? Is variety in work tasks important to you? Are your communication skills strong? Consider enrolling in a joint master’s program in bioinformatics, business, and information technology.

Bioinformatics is a new and exciting area of employment that uses information technology to observe and gather data about living things. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary scientific technique that relies on solving biological problems with the use of applied mathematics, informatics, and statistics. There is rapid growth in this sector of the economy. Bioinformatics principles are used to develop large databases like the Human Genome Project that store, classify, and statistically manipulate extremely long sequences of DNA for the analysis of biological information. Processing data as quickly and accurately as possible is a necessity, given the very large and varied amount of data involved. Individuals with expertise in bioinformatics, business, and science are in demand.

Most biotechnology programs are centered on some aspect of DNA research, particularly the human genome. On the business side, there are typically classes in business logistics, finance, business management, and marketing. Increased understanding of this new field of bioinformatics and the way it affects business concerns will be integrated with other course material in most MBA and MS coursework.

Learning about the uses of information technology, business precepts, and science combined are beneficial to business executives, scientists, and computer engineers. As a business person, obtaining an MBA in bioinformatics has the dual goal of providing you an understanding of biological processes, as well as helping you to develop new business models to market, finance, and manage the most current scientific discoveries. If you are a biologist using IT software customized for DNA studies, the MBA in information technology and bioinformatics may shed new light on the concerns of your colleagues in business, such as the financing, marketing, and distribution of the discoveries found in the lab.

The tremendous increase in data gathering capability has brought rapid growth in scientific knowledge. New developments include mapping the human genome, discovery of disease mechanisms, the recognition of gene patterns and gene commonalities across species, and the creation of genetically improved crops grown for food or other types of plants.

The three areas of management, bioinformatics, and information technology are all experiencing rapid growth and change. In order to be current with the pace of change these fields, IT and MBA and biotechnology MS programs at many colleges have been structured to be “student friendly.” The time required to complete the degree ranges from one to two years. Courses are frequently scheduled in the evenings or on the weekend to accommodate full-time workers. Consider an MBA in bioinformatics today!