MS and MBA Dual Degree in Biotechnology

MS and MBA Dual Degree in Biotechnology

Are you fascinated by the business world? Do you feel drawn to the field of science? Are you looking for a more challenging job? Would you enjoy a variety of work projects? Are your communication skills strong? Would you like to combine your scientific interests with work in the area of business information? Consider enrolling in an MS and MBA dual degree program in biotechnology and business. Many scientists find this to be a new and exciting area of employment.

Recently, the need for professionals with expertise in biotechnology and in business principles has been widely recognized. Science and business are both very broad fields, so quite a number of colleges have launched programs, such as the Master of Science in business administration or joint MS/MBA programs, to provide education that bridges the gap between the two subject areas. Graduates of the MS and MBA in biotechnology combined program will forge strong connections between these two areas.

Institutions that offer the MS and MBA in biotechnology joint degree, which strives to equally balance science and business, are not as numerous as those that provide some business courses for students who choose to emphasize the science component and science courses for those electing to specialize in the business side of the coursework.

Most of the universities and colleges with an MBA dual degree cater to the preferences of adult, full-time employees by scheduling classes in the evening and/or on weekends. Many of these combined topic degrees are also available online. The majority of these programs may be completed within two years. Occasionally, accelerated formats of coursework are offered for students who want a brief break from the employment grind, which provide total class immersion and rapid attainment of the degree.

Students with a background in science or business are typically those who choose to pursue the MS and MBA dual degree. Emphasizing teamwork, central courses in biotechnology and in business are typically provided to create a foundational link between subjects. The combined MS and MBA in biotechnology strives to elevate your skill set by making the essential connection between science and business. Get started on your degree today!