MBA in Biotechnology and Healthcare Administration

MBA in biotechnology and healthcare administration

The healthcare industry is growing at an exceptional rate in this country, and the need for savvy managers is growing just as quickly. In a rare merging of science, health industry management, and business, a new Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree has emerged: the dual specialization of biotechnology and healthcare administration.

The standard MBA is a graduate level degree that takes anywhere from one to three years to complete depending on the program you choose. In order to qualify for the MBA in biotechnology, you must have an undergraduate degree (preferably in science), and you must have a good score on the GMAT test. Today there are a wide variety of ways to earn your MBA degree, whether it is through an executive MBA program that takes a year, to a standard two-year program, to the many options available on the evenings, weekends, and online.

Today there is a critical need for leaders that understand both the science elements and the business aspects of biotechnology. The MBA in biotechnology strives to cover both business and science masterfully. In order to specialize in biotechnology, you will likely switch from general business topics to more focused subjects such as biochemistry, biostatistics, and bioformatics, along with legal issues such as regulatory matters.

When you add in the healthcare administration MBA, you then typically move on to more focused subjects such as behavioral and applied social sciences, biomedical sciences, and social policy. You may also have courses that discuss the many legal hurdles and issues related to insurance. The combination biotechnology and healthcare administration MBA degree aims to perfectly melds these subjects, with the goal of providing you with a foundational knowledge to make you a critically valuable member of any management team in healthcare.

Healthcare innovation is a complex and vital industry that requires experienced leaders that can succeed in managing a diverse range of issues – including regulatory roadblocks, intellectual property, science, and the marketplace, as well as navigating the various regulatory issues and technologies that exist in healthcare administration. The MBA in biotechnology and healthcare administration attempts to prepare graduates for leadership at the unique intersection of business, science, and healthcare. Once you have earned the MBA in biotechnology and healthcare administration, you may find that there are more job opportunities available to you, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in other innovative healthcare organizations.

If you want to be part of one of the fastest growing industries in America today, the dual focus of the biotechnology and healthcare administration MBA degree is one choice to consider. Take the first step forward in your career. Find a school today.