Biotechnology MBA

Biotechnology MBA

One of the most dynamic industries today is healthcare. As our society ages and more healthcare diagnostic tools and care innovations are needed, technological advances in healthcare are becoming commonplace. If you are interested in joining one of the most lucrative and challenging job markets in the world, you might want to consider starting out with the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in biotechnology.

What Does the MBA in Biotechnology Entail?

Today, there is a critical need for leaders that understand both the science elements and the business aspects of biotechnology. Managers in the field of biotechnology require scientific innovation, as well as a firm understanding of the marketplace. The MBA in biotechnology strives to integrate both business and science, bringing the best of both worlds.

The biotechnology MBA can be earned in one to three years, but programs will vary in length from school to school. Those eligible for the MBA in biotechnology have already earned an undergraduate degree in science and have scored well on the GMAT exam. Courses covered in biotechnology typically blend business topics, such as finance, economics, and accounting, with science subjects, such as biochemistry, biostatistics, and bioformatics.

After Receiving Your MBA: Biotechnology Employment

The MBA in biotechnology is where science and business meets, allowing students to develop the leadership skills required to pioneer scientific discoveries. Within the field of biotechnology, there is room for promotion and financial growth. Individuals who have earned the MBA in biotechnology often find career opportunities in healthcare, specifically in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in agriculture. Some programs that offer the biotechnology MBA also have a parallel offering, the Masters of Science in biotechnology, which adds another great credential for potential graduates.

If you are interested in the business of science, the MBA in biotechnology may be a graduate degree option for you. The biotechnology MBA provides students the chance to embrace two diverse yet connected ideas. Don’t hesitate – start your future now! Explore MBA programs throughout our site.