Careers for General Management MBA Grads

Management MBA Careers

If you are determined to advance in your career, you might be considering business school and the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. But deciding to take that next big step still leaves a few questions. The specialization in which you choose to focus your MBA degree is as important as earning the degree itself. But no matter what area of business interests you, one of the most versatile degree specializations is general management. This degree works towards preparing you to work in all aspects of management, but also allows you the flexibility to work in many different fields.

Skilled managers are in high demand and are needed throughout every industry. One of the reasons they are needed is that many investment groups want to see skilled managers in most upper level management positions. Many chief executive officers and other executives in business hold MBA degrees. But what positions are available to those with general management MBAs?

First, general management and strategy is where you find many MBAs. However, substantial experience is usually required to work at these levels, and while the MBA helps, industry experience is often required. One option is to earn your MBA in an executive MBA program, which allows you to continue to gain that valuable experience while earning your MBA degree.

Executive management is the goal for many MBA students. These high-level managers are often responsible for the overall operation of an organization, as well as guiding the company into the future with strategic insight and planning. Generally, while the CEO is expected to oversee all aspects of the company, there are also many executive positions at different branches and some areas that require additional specialization to qualify for.

Another area that the general management MBA is useful for today is the fast growing area of healthcare management and administration. Healthcare is becoming the largest industry in the United States, and as it gets bigger, it needs to function much like other businesses. Therefore, healthcare institutions need experienced hands at the helm to ensure that the organization is successful and profitable.

As you can see, you have a wide myriad of opportunities with an MBA degree in general management. If you are interested in going forward in your career, start with the general management MBA. Find your way to success today!