Operations and Engineering Management and the MBA

Operations Engineering Management MBA

Operations management is essential to successful delivery and customer satisfaction. Organizations today need to stay competitive in this ever-widening global economy. As someone who will have the know-how to improve productivity and profit margin, an operations manager with a specialty in engineering is highly desirable. A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in operations and engineering management will strive to provide you with the tools to evaluate and execute solutions to management issues in an engineering environment.

An MBA graduate program usually requires about 45 credit hours in order to obtain a degree, with options for online and evening classes typically available for the working professional or the parent of young children. Basic business administration courses, such as accounting, financial analysis, and economics, will likely form the fundamentals of your education.

Studying operations management with a focus on engineering will work towards giving you a comprehensive understanding of how operational issues are related to engineering industries all over the world. Graduates will be familiar with up to date concepts, techniques, and tools that allow them to effectively manage engineering operations.

Engineering operations managers combine their management expertise with engineering knowledge to lead teams of specialists in highly technical tasks. Engineering managers mostly focus on product development, materials management, production processes, and workforce reliability.

An engineering and operations management MBA is a good field of study for those already working engineers who are looking to move into management positions, as well as graduates from engineering bachelor’s programs who wish to prepare for management roles. People who do well in this field are characterized by a strong combination of scientific knowledge combined with a passion for problem solving.

Outfitted with an MBA, your job prospects may be more varied. A just starting out design engineering manager can make an excellent average salary and still have room for significant growth with added experience. With your MBA and skills in operations and engineering management, you can go into academic or professional fields, such as manufacturing management, technical consulting or logistics.

The goal of the operations management MBA is to allow individuals to stand out in the field as someone with the ability to not only run operations, but also apply engineering principles in organizing technical projects. Technology-driven companies seek to integrate engineering and management systems more and more often to ensure that business thrives in global competition. Engineers must have excellent technical and managerial skills to cope effectively with the continuous change that will take place during their careers.

An MBA in operational and engineering management will attempt to help sculpt you into a prime candidate for the jobs becoming available today. Expand your knowledge base with an MBA. Explore MBA programs now.