MS in Engineering and the International MBA

MS Engineering and International MBA

As businesses begin to reflect the global economy and have locations scattered throughout the world, the need for business managers with an international perspective has grown considerably. This had contributed to the popularity of the international MBA degree. Even more in demand are those international business managers with additional training in the sciences, particularly in engineering. This has led to the creation of the international MBA and the Master of Science (MS) in engineering dual degree. Now you can combine science and management to help you create a skill set that is in high demand.

First, let us discuss the MBA in international business. What does an international MBA aim provide? Graduates learn the basic principles of business and management on an international stage.

The curriculum for the international MBA will likely include studying leadership and management techniques, finance and financial management, business law and ethics, human resources, and conflict management solutions. International MBAs also usually spend time learning about risk management, economic systems and philosophies, and how to recruit great team members. The end goal of the international MBA degree is to turn students into skilled professionals with exceptional management knowledge and the capacity to participate in the global financial system.

The MS in engineering is completely different. When you choose the MS in engineering dual track with the international MBA, you can choose a variety of engineering specialties. You can focus on bioengineering, chemical and petroleum engineering, civil or environmental engineering, electrical and computer engineering, industrial engineering or any of the various engineering specialties.

The dual track of international MBA and MS in engineering at most schools requires an extensive time commitment. Although it can still be completed in two years like most graduate level degrees, it must be earned full-time in order to finish within that time frame. The dual track degree program attempts to provide you with the skills to quickly and effectively solve problems in today’s dynamic and fast-moving business culture, particularly in the manufacturing industry. The dual degrees in engineering and business will work towards expanding your skill set, which may make you appear more versatile to employers.

As you can see, if you are interested in business and science and want to be a member of the global economy, the international MBA degree with a dual science degree in engineering is a smart choice. If you are interested in business and manufacturing, the international MBA is one way to prepare yourself for your future. Get started today!