Women and the Entrepreneurship MBA

Women and the Entrepreneurship MBA

There is no doubt that more women are becoming business owners. In fact, in the last decade, the number of women-owned business grew by a startling 20%, while all new businesses only grew by 7%. Today there are nearly 12 million majority-owned, privately held women-owned businesses in the United States. These companies employ over 19 million people, generate $2.5 trillion in sales, and account for nearly 30% of all businesses in the US.

But there are still women that hesitate and do not venture out on their own, bringing their energy, smarts, and good ideas to the market. What is the number one impediment to women who want to launch their own businesses? The answer is access to capital. One way to learn about raising capital and gain a credential that could be attractive to investors is to earn the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in entrepreneurship.

What is the entrepreneurship MBA? This graduate level degree offers the best of both worlds: extensive study in both management and entrepreneurship. This degree can be completed in a variety of ways, either as a traditional master’s degree or in the evenings and weekends or even online. Women can earn this degree in as little as a year or take longer earning the degree part-time. But no matter how it’s done, the entrepreneurship MBA will strive to provide women the skills they need to successfully launch their own business.

How does the MBA in entrepreneurship help gain women access to capital? First, many business schools offer access to venture capitalists as mentors and educators. Secondly, the entrepreneurship MBA is a credential that can lend a certain level of credibility to investors. Third, the skills and knowledge an entrepreneurship MBA attempts to instill can be useful tools in a woman’s business arsenal.

Currently, only about 30% of the applicants to business schools are women. There are many myths and rumors out there about business school, such as the idea that it is “an old boys club,” that are simply false. Many women that participate in MBA programs have been able to develop their business skills, with some going on to successfully launching their own business.

If you are a woman considering starting your own business, begin by earning your entrepreneurship MBA. Jumpstart your future. Find a school today!