Entrepreneurship MBA

Entrepreneurship MBA

Do you think you have what it takes to operate and manage your own business? Piloting a successful venture requires you to have varied skills and knowledge. In order for a business enterprise to gain success, it is essential that skilled managers are at the helm. The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in entrepreneurship attempts to provide a tailor-made curriculum to professionals considering a new business venture.

If you have an immense drive and are determined, focused, and willing to put your nose to the grindstone, you are a good candidate for the entrepreneurship MBA. Running a business requires that you become not only the manager, but also the company accountant, salesperson, marketer, and fundraiser. The goal of the MBA in entrepreneurship is to provide you with the ability to forecast, analyze, and plan long-term goals so that your business succeeds for many years to come.

What is the MBA in Entrepreneurship?

The entrepreneurship MBA is an advanced degree, requiring an undergraduate degree and a strong GMAT score. The curriculum for the MBA in entrepreneurship typically begins with an overview of business, including courses in accounting, finance, and economics. After delivering a business foundation, programs usually move on to areas directly related to entrepreneurship, such as entrepreneurial finance, leadership, and global capitalism. Courses will often require group work so that students can benefit from the insights and experience of their classmates.

If you currently have a busy lifestyle or a full-time job, there are many convenient and flexible ways to earn your entrepreneurship MBA. You can consider enrolling in a part-time program that meets only on the evenings and weekends or you can select an MBA program that is administered completely online. Additionally, some MBA programs can be accelerated and earned in less time than the traditional two-years.

Utilizing Your MBA: Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses

An entrepreneurship MBA might help you to start your own venture or add new innovation to your current business. Although you may think that it is not a good time to launch an enterprise, small businesses account for many of the new jobs available in the United States and a large number of the nation’s private employers. It is anticipated that small businesses will be at the forefront of our national recovery from our current economic downturn.

However, earning an MBA in entrepreneurship does not lock you into becoming an independent entrepreneur. In fact, many corporations look for spirited individuals to help launch new divisions of an organization or guide a growing business to the next level of success. In other words, there are a range of opportunities for an entrepreneurship MBA graduate. Don’t wait to launch the next phase of your life. Start earning your entrepreneurship MBA!