Executive MBA Programs

Executive MBA Programs

The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree is often required to work at the executive level of many businesses. If you are in a mid-management position and are interested in moving up the corporate ladder, yet are concerned about taking time off to complete a traditional MBA program, the executive MBA could be a solution.

Campus and Online Executive MBA Overview

The executive MBA allows business professionals to earn their MBA degrees in an average of two years, with classes on the evenings and weekends. Some schools also offer online executive MBA programs for even more flexibility in scheduling. What makes an executive MBA different from other part-time MBA programs is that executive programs are designed for mid-career professionals with 8-15 years of work experience already under their belts.

While the curriculum of an executive MBA is similar to that of a traditional MBA degree, which can include courses in accounting, finance, statistics, management, economic philosophies, marketing, and information technology, executive MBA programs usually offer several unique features.

How Are Executive MBA Programs Unique?

Often executive MBA programs are cohort-based, where you go through the program with a smaller group of classmates that act as a team, helping you to solve business problems. Because many individuals in an executive MBA program are already skilled professionals, the program can offer far more than just the experience and knowledge of the faculty; it also offers the real-world skills that your classmates have to bring to the table as you tackle economic issues.

Whether you decide to earn your executive MBA online or through campus courses, the goal of the program is to offer entrepreneurs the competitive edge by providing students with the ability to successfully manage any organization large or small. Most schools will strive to supply its graduates with an impressive level of knowledge and skills in a wide range of current and historical management topics. Executive MBA programs also aim to instill a well-developed understanding of strategic thinking and planning on a global scale.

Deciding on an Executive MBA Program

If you’re interested in attaining that corner office, the executive MBA program might help you get one step closer to achieving your goals. Many students are even able to get their executive MBA fully or partially sponsored by their current organization. Begin exploring MBA schools, and get started on your degree today!