Fraud Management and the MBA

Fraud Management MBA

With so many corporate scandals making the headlines in the past few years and sweeping legislation being passed, the demand for individuals with fraud detection skills is growing. Companies seek accountants and CPAs with forensic accounting abilities and other techniques to identify fraud and create more secure financial data. The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in economic crime and fraud management is a newer degree that was created to meet this developing need. This advanced degree strives to offer knowledge to individuals in private and public industries who want to improve the way they manage their technological resources to fight economic crime.

The Masters in Business Administration specializing in economic crime and fraud management aims to prepare you to take a leadership role as a fraud investigator so that you will be able to identify fraud and how to protect against it. General business administration skills will likely be covered such as accounting, data analysis, and operations management among others. Managerial skills and critical thinking techniques may be a focus.

You may also take classes that discuss breaking down investigations and techniques to help prevent economic crimes. A student getting an MBA in economic crime and fraud management will then typically choose to specialize in banking, credit card fraud, cyber security or insurance and then learn investigative techniques tailored to that area of study.

The MBA in economic crime and fraud management will also attempt to prepare you for the Certified Fraud Examiner exam (CFE), given by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). This is a credential recognized as a premier certification in the field of economic fraud investigation. Graduates may pursue careers in fraud management in a variety of industries, such as banking, credit card, telecommunications, insurance, retail, and financial services.

Economic crime and fraud management is a growing career field today, which asks for individuals that have integrity and a strong ethical code. The MBA stresses the identification, analysis, and resolution of the complex problems that managers face in this age of increasing economic crime. Students will also likely study the legal issues surrounding fraud management.

The goal of the MBA degree in economic crime and fraud management is to teach you the necessary leadership, tax law, and communication skills you need to have a rewarding career in fraud management. Your degree, plus certification, might help to put you in the running for a position in fraud analysis, investigation, examination, and prevention. Consider an MBA degree today!