Master of Science in Management vs. MBA

Master of Science in Management Vs MBA

A manager is the person responsible for directing the work of a group of individuals. Managers may oversee workers directly or they could be a level up and oversee the supervisors themselves. If you are looking to go into a career in management, there are two paths you could take for your management degree: a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in management or a Master of Science in Management (MSM). Depending upon how specialized the field in which you are headed is, how much time you have to devote to school, and your financial situation, either choice might be the one for you.

The MS and MBA: Exploring the Differences

The Masters in Business Administration is intended for students who wish to augment the interpersonal and management skills needed to advance to leadership positions and cultivate a value system that will shape their entire career. Students studying for an MBA in management will likely take courses designed to improve their skills in managing people and organizational systems and help build their leadership capabilities, as well as learn about team building and the importance of employee motivation.

You may have classes discussing how business strategy affects organization and how to configure the workplace to boost organizational growth and efficiency. Most programs attempt to provide a broader foundation in business administration than the Master of Science in Management degree. Economics, finance, and accounting courses, as well as marketing strategy and business policy, are some of the coursework that usually forms that base.

In contrast, the Master of Science in Management typically concentrates on the development of the individual within an organization. Core management courses often include classes such as organizational design and development, leadership, accounting for managers, and human resources development. Higher-level mathematics is not usually required, as it is with an MBA. One goal of the Master of Science in Management is to teach students about relationship management and leadership theories and styles while they develop their own personal leadership skills. Business and leadership courses combine to attempt to provide a strong foundation to students looking to take on a leadership role.

Making Your Decision

There is much to evaluate when deciding between Master of Science in Management vs. MBA programs. Those already employed in careers that are operational in nature such as accounting, information technology, engineering or quality control, as well as those looking to climb the corporate ladder within large bureaucracies, might consider the MBA in management.

The Master of Science in Management is considered more of an academic degree as opposed to a professional one, so it might be more appropriate for the student who just graduated with a bachelor’s degree and without work experience. An individual with a master’s in management can still be suited for managerial roles in any industry, but your immediate goals and plans, as well as your long-term aims, should be taken into consideration before making your choice.