Green International MBA

Green International MBA

For much of human history, business was at odds with those that sought to protect the environment. In recent years, however, this has changed. It has become clearer that companies need to work harder to preserve what can be saved, and that once good sustainability practices become common in the workplace, they can also increase the bottom line – profit. In the last decade or so, business schools have stepped up their “green” programs, offering several Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degrees that focus on different elements of sustainability. Because many corporations today do business throughout the globe in places that have suffered environmental damage, those individuals that have the international MBA with a focus on sustainability and conservation have become critical to the success of global businesses.

The international MBA degree is a unique business degree. Graduates not only learn the basic principles of business and management, they learn how to apply them on an international stage. The curriculum for the international MBA will typically include studying leadership and management techniques, finance and financial management, business law and ethics, human resources, and conflict management solutions. International MBAs also might spend time learning about risk management, economic systems and philosophies, and how to recruit great team members. The end goal of the international MBA degree is to turn students into skilled professionals with exceptional management knowledge and the capacity to participate in the global financial system.

When you add the “green” element to an international MBA, you create a new kind of manager. Green MBA programs attempt to hone the skills of graduates so that they are prepared and willing to step into upper management positions where companies are expected to either help solve the environmental problems of the world or ensure that they do not make them worse. Corporations have evolved from seeing this new role of their business as not just a burden, but also an opportunity to improve the world while growing the company. Sustainability issues are rapidly becoming one of the biggest opportunities for growth in our current economy.

Once you have completed the executive international MBA, you may find that your career opportunities have broadened. There are positions in a plethora of international industries that require individuals to bring sustainability to the forefront of their organization. The executive international MBA with a sustainability focus provides immense flexibility and may lead to eventual career advancement and an accompanying increase in salary.

If you are interested in working in business while benefiting the environment, the international MBA degree with a focus on sustainability might be right for you. Do not delay. Get started today!