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Human Resources MBA Curriculm

Human Resources MBA Curriculum

So you have decided to take that next step forward and start working on a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in human resources. You have made a smart choice that may help to open more doors for you in your career. But what will you learn? MBA programs, no matter which […]

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Human Reesources MBA Government Jobs

Human Resources MBA Government Jobs

With many industries struggling thanks to a global economic downturn, students considering a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in human resources are looking beyond traditional for-profit companies for employment. Surprisingly, one choice available today for human resources specialists is working for governmental agencies at either the local, state or federal level. Unlike the private […]

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Online Human Resources MBA

The Human Resources MBA: Earning It Online

Chances are if you are considering earning a Masters of Business Administration Degree (MBA) with a human resources specialization, you may have already earned an undergraduate degree in human resources. Perhaps, you are currently working in human resources in some capacity but are looking to take the next step up the corporate ladder into management. […]

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Human Resources Master's

Human Resources Master’s

Human resources managers today are becoming viewed more and more as strategic business partners and are asked to have not only specialized HR knowledge, but also a broad understanding of business requirements and strategies. A Master of Science in human resources (more often referred to as human resources management) strives to help you strengthen your […]

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New HR Professional

The New HR Professional

The role of the human resources professional has changed dramatically over the past few decades. What used to serve as the disciplinarian arm of the executives, responsible only for policing employees, couriering paperwork, and dispensing benefits, is now established as a strategic partner to the management team in any organization. More and more, CEOs are […]

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