Human Resources MBA Curriculum

Human Resources MBA Curriculm

So you have decided to take that next step forward and start working on a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in human resources. You have made a smart choice that may help to open more doors for you in your career. But what will you learn?

MBA programs, no matter which school you choose, have a few key elements in common. First and foremost, no matter what specialization you choose to focus on in your MBA there are core curriculum items that are paramount. Without a strong understanding of these key points, specialization may not be as effective.

With most MBA programs at first, you will likely focus on the basics of business. You may have courses discussing business strategy and how to factor outside and internal elements into making long-term plans for a business. There also may be classes on basic accounting, economic philosophies, different economic theories, and financial management. You might also learn about marketing management and how quickly marketing is changing thanks to the Internet, as well as basic operations and management of organizations.

Once you’ve completed these basic studies, you will likely study issues that are more directly focused on human resources. People are considered the “human capital” of businesses, and human resources focuses on how to maximize that capital.

You will likely take classes that discuss staffing practices, employee and labor relations, and how to negotiate with labor unions and other worker organizations. You might also spend time in courses that emphasize strategic thinking and quantifying the impact of human resources decisions on the overall business plan of an organization. You will often use cutting edge human resources theory in applied concept learning.

An MBA with a specialization in human resources is a fascinating and rewarding curriculum and can lead to an exciting array of career options. Take that next step with your career. Earn your human resources MBA!