MBA in Information Technology

MBA in Information Technology

Twenty years ago, the personal computer revolutionized how organizations do their work. In the last decade, email and the Internet have further altered the ways that businesses make sales and run their companies. Today, even the smallest of companies has a computer system connecting the back of the store to the front, and large corporations have massive computer networks that span the globe.

A new management frontier has been created in the field of information technology, which, in part, has led to the development and increased popularity of the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in information technology (IT).

Navigating the MBA: Information Technology Curriculum

The MBA in information technology is a standard MBA that blends in additional curriculum specific to business technology. The IT MBA typically begins with computer science, information database management, and networking. Additionally, some programs may also combine the IT specialization with e-commerce and other topics in online marketing and brand building.

Generally, the MBA in information technology usually includes studying topics such as project management, enterprise systems and infrastructure, and dynamic electronic strategies that build upon an organization’s profitability, efficiency, and value.

The IT MBA and Business

Information technology has proven to be too slippery a slope for traditional business managers to navigate and manage successfully. Maintaining networks, systems, and infrastructures requires a strong technical background in addition to business knowledge, which has made way for the IT MBA. The information technology MBA attempts to combine business areas with computer technology to create well-rounded IT managers.

While information technology is hardly a new topic in business, its application and purpose have shifted. Networks are in place, and the skilled technicians that have long defined the information technology profession still do the brunt of the work. Additionally, serious security issues have surfaced along with the explosion of computer networks, and businesses require individuals who know how to manage large networks and keep them safe. IT managers need to have significant knowledge far beyond standard management—they should also be well plugged into the digital world and aware of threats even before they arise.

If you are fascinated by both business and technology, an IT MBA could be just the ticket for you. Enhance your expertise. Pursue the MBA in information technology today.