Information Technology MBA Articles
IT MBA Curriculm

IT MBA Curriculum

Are you considering taking the next step forward in your career and starting work on a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in information technology (IT)? Good for you! You have made a great choice and one that has the potential to open doors for you in the future. But what will […]

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Master's Information Technology Careers

Master’s in Information Technology Careers

Information technology covers a much broader field than it once did, back in the days when all “IT” meant was the lonely guy you called up to complain about your email server being down. Information technology is a rapidly changing area of industry, and there are many career opportunities for the individual with the right […]

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Computer Information Systems- IT MBA

Computer and Information Systems and the IT MBA

Want to move ahead in your information technology job? Are you looking for employment at the management level? Try earning a Masters Degree in Business Management (MBA) with a focus on IT. Whether your background is in “real world” experience or you are already a mid-level IT professional, an MBA in IT will work towards […]

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Information Technology MBA in Government

Information Technology MBA and Government

Not long ago, those that graduated from business school with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree found most of their jobs within the financial industry or working for large corporations in the financial offices. Today, with the massive changes to our economy and the instability that is present within some major corporations and the […]

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IT MBA Mobile Computing

IT MBA and Mobile Computing

It is hard to believe that before 2001 there were no Blackberries or iPhones, and the few “smartphones” that were available were prohibitively expensive. Today this is no longer true, and in fact, the vast majority of mobile phones have some sort of capability that goes above and beyond just making phone calls. Toss laptop […]

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