MBA in Investment Banking

Investment Banking MBA

When you discuss the MBA in finance, it is easy to talk about the many career opportunities that are traditionally available, such as accounting positions, CFOs, and similar jobs. But there is another side to finance that is risky, fast-paced, and exciting: working in investment banking.

You might think in today’s economy that a career in investment banking is a big risk, but the truth is there is still money to be made, particularly as the economy continues to improve. There will most likely be more legal changes to the field in the near future, so this is a good time to earn an MBA in investment banking, because it may give you the heads-up in understanding the laws surrounding investment banking as they change.

MBA in Investment Banking: Career Paths

So, what does an individual with an MBA in investment banking do? There are three areas of investment banking: First is corporate finance; the process of raising funds for corporations and is the center of investment banking. Second is sales and trading; those that buy and sell securities and commodities, and this can be the most hectic area of investment banking. Last of all are the research analysts; these individuals study the stock market and predict the movement and behavior of stocks (particularly those in the fixed-income and equity areas) and other investment bankers use this information to get recommendations.

While it isn’t necessary to have an MBA to work as an investment banker, the changes to the economy and the expected forthcoming legal changes make it important to have the foundational knowledge an MBA in investment banking might provide. Investment banking is a fast and frenzied field, but it has its rewards – particularly financial. Although not a guarantee, some investment bankers can earn a great deal of money very quickly. Investment banking companies might also provide reward-based bonuses in addition to the annual salary. However, financial success in this field usually comes with a price: long hours.

So, if you are seeking excitement and an engaging career, earn an MBA in investment banking. What are you waiting for? Select a campus or online MBA program today.