Computer and Information Systems and the IT MBA

Computer Information Systems- IT MBA

Want to move ahead in your information technology job? Are you looking for employment at the management level? Try earning a Masters Degree in Business Management (MBA) with a focus on IT. Whether your background is in “real world” experience or you are already a mid-level IT professional, an MBA in IT will work towards increasing your value in the job market. You’ll have the opportunity to learn new essential skills and develop a deeper level of knowledge about IT and management. Many colleges that offer the IT MBA maintain ongoing relationships with business leaders in the field.

A number of IT companies are seeking employees who have experience in more than one area. In particular, professionals with skills in programming/application development and with business expertise are highly sought after by IT firms. Most MBA programs in IT require practical, hands-on experience, as well as theoretical knowledge of technology and business. In today’s business environment, decisions must be made by well-informed managers. This requires leaders with great breadth and depth of knowledge about current business developments and technology.

Changing business practices focused on cost cutting have encouraged this dual knowledge approach. Having skills in IT will increase the firm’s business competitiveness. Key individuals with these skills can build bridges between management and technological interests. Winning job applicants will have IT knowledge and business savvy.

Technology companies are looking for individuals who are critical thinkers and who are highly motivated and focused. An interest in life-long learning is a plus. Additionally, the capacity to solve problems and to plan strategically is in great demand. A successful chief information officer (CIO) will also be capable of making ethical decisions based on business and technology developments.

Other capabilities companies look for in prospective employees include excellent skills in communication (both written and verbal), giving presentations, networking, and teamwork. Such skills will allow managers to motivate team members, empower colleagues, and develop new business strategies. Mastery of quantitative methods to understand and recognize business problems and opportunities is essential.

Business technology is continually changing, and IT professionals need to keep current with it. Some companies are also searching for people with experience in the technological support/help desk area. Many firms are beefing up their cyber security measures and are searching for employees with experience in this area.

Now it is more convenient than ever to earn an MBA. Quite a few colleges offer the IT MBA on a part-time basis, as well as the traditional full-time schedule. This strategy allows students to continue earning while also taking courses. A popular feature provided in some programs is student mentoring, where second year students advise and interact with first year students. So increase your knowledge. Begin an MBA program today!