The Master of Science in Information Technology

Master of Science Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) has been growing at a rapid pace since its manifestation. It is an exciting, ever-changing field that continues to have high demand for skilled, educated graduates. As more and more businesses rely on new technology to operate, a Masters of Science in IT is one course of study that could assist in preparing you for a career in almost any industry.

The IT professional is not limited to the person you call when your email doesn’t work in the office! Careers in the IT field and opportunities for advancement are available. The industry now covers a far wider array of topics beyond computer software and data management, and IT departments are made up of a whole team of IT professionals with different areas of expertise.

Like the MBA in information systems, the IT MS strives to delineate between an individual who simply works with technology compared with someone who takes a broader approach and is capable of applying critical thinking to make improvements to existing technology systems. The course of study for an information technology MS attempts to give an in-depth study of computer science and might expand to cover management training as well.

Eventually, the student typically takes a more specific course of study. The goal of the information technology MS is to hone students’ skills so that they are better prepared to enter in to careers in more advanced positions, such as a system administrator, database administrator, information technology manager or even a chief information officer (CIO), who oversees the team.

An IT MS is comprehensive, and depending on the program, usually requires 36-54 credit hours. The curriculum for the information technology MS will vary by school, and so you should research which program will work best for your needs. Online courses are more readily available than ever to fit into the already working professional’s busy schedule.

Information technology is a field where salaries are still increasing. Most businesses are reliant on current technology, so the demand for skilled IT professionals keeps it competitive. The national average salary for graduates with an IT MS has a broad range, with jobs such as the information technology specialist and systems engineer.

Information is whizzing around the globe at unfathomable rates now, thanks to the Internet. Companies produce new technology so fast that a computer can become out of date in less than a year! An IT professional not only needs to know specific systems, but be ready to adapt quickly as these systems change.

An IT MS aims to give you the training and the knowledge to best adapt technology to clients’ needs and the skill to create new systems and networks when current technology is not enough. Your career in the ever-widening field of information technology awaits you! Find an information technology graduate program today.