Operations Master’s Degree

Operations Master's Degree

The need to increase efficiency in this widening global economy is ever-present. Companies seek to hire operations managers that will be most likely to improve their profit margin. An operations manager will be current with the latest technological advances and skillful in developing winning business strategies that continually seek to improve the organization. Information technology is now the heart of any modern business, so a good operations manager must have a solid understanding of the current trends. You can achieve some of this knowledge with not just an information technology MBA, but also an operations master’s degree. An MS in operations will strive to prepare you to enter into a rewarding and challenging career.

Operations management is a relatively recent field that applies to all operations within an organization, focusing on running the processes to produce and allocate goods and services. Common activities include product creation, product development, and distribution. Other duties might include managing purchases, inventory control, quality control, storage, logistics, and evaluations.

All of these require an understanding of the information technology that supports these actions, therefore, being able to assess what might need improvement in order to increase productivity overall. Efficiency and good decision-making skills are imperative characteristics of the operations manager. Consulting firms also recognize the value of good analytical skills, particularly in the area of supply chain management. Graduates with an operations master’s degree can work as project managers, supply chain analysts or as managers of manufacturing operations.

Seeking a Master of Science in operations will aim to provide you with an introduction to the analytical methods that are used in understanding a firm’s operations and help you to become familiar with the general problems that confront operations managers every day. The MS in operations management curriculum typically stresses practical knowledge in areas such as project planning, economic decision-making, human behavior analysis, operations research, and many other topics relevant to today’s manager. You might also study the modern business tools that keep offices humming within and competing in the global and e-business marketplace.

Operations management is what keeps any company running. It covers every aspect of production, including quality management, product formulation, ordering and storing of goods, and vendor communication. Information technology is the thread that runs through all of these aspects, so an understanding of the technology and a strong relationship with the IT department are very important.

Pay for operations management positions vary in different industries, and salaries are higher in the private sector than in the non-profit one. There is a demand for well-educated and well-rounded operations managers, and an operations master’s with attention to information technology is a great degree to add to your resume as you embark upon your career. Enroll in a graduate program today.