Job Outlook for the MBA in Accounting

Job Outlook for Accounting MBA

With the economy in turmoil as the housing bubble burst and the downturn affects the entire globe, is this the ideal time to earn a Master’s of Business Association (MBA) in accounting? An MBA is a serious investment of both time and money, so is it worth it in today’s economy to still take that step?

Of course this is a decision students will have to individually make, but it just might be as good a time as any to earn your accounting MBA. Why? Because the effects of the economic downturn are not going to be just financial – they will also be legal. Elements of the factors that led to our current crisis will be more heavily regulated than they have been in years, and experienced financial managers that are able to anticipate these changes and guide companies through the new regulations will be needed. Business schools are jumping into the breech and offering a more in-depth study of both ethics and law surrounding the business of accounting to enhance their accounting MBA curriculum.

It is expected, however, that for the next few years there will be some stagnation of salaries for MBA graduates. This simply means that unlike the spectacular jumps in salaries that this area of business has seen in recent years, salaries will grow more like other industries. However, earning an accounting MBA in addition to a CPA certification might add to your marketability.

Advances in technology have also changed the focus of the accounting MBA. Thanks to computer programs that make tracking and managing finances much simpler, most accounting MBAs do forecasting as well as reporting for the organizations they work for, as well as generating ideas and creative ways to increase profit. To be marketable as an accounting MBA, be sure to also study the computer software and other applications that are used in the industry.

Where do you find most accounting MBAs working after graduation? Many find a home as the controller or auditor for an organization, anywhere within both the private and public sector, including non-profits. Others work as accounting managers. Still others are corporate controllers or even chief financial officers. Earning an accounting MBA can be an excellent way to in increase an individual’s success in the world of business. Get started today!