Job Outlook for MBA in Finance

Job Outlook for MBA in Finance

One of the most popular of the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) specialties is finance. But in today’s rocky economy, is investing in a graduate degree at the level of an MBA in finance a smart career choice? After all, an MBA degree requires both time and money. So is this the right time to pursue an MBA in finance?

Although the need for MBAs with a specialization in finance is expected to grow at a slightly slower rate than it has in the previous decade, there is still opportunity in the finance field. According to the news, there will be a few changes in the industry, however. First of all, the biggest issue facing soon-to-be finance MBA graduates is a bit of salary stagnation for the next two or three years. This simply means that finance field overall is not expected to increase salaries at exponential rates, but that does not necessarily mean that this trend will reflect on the case-by-case basis.

Where can you find finance MBAs? Many work as financial managers in various capacities, including controllers, cash managers, as well as in financial institutions such as commercial banks, and overseeing functions such as lending, trusts, mortgages, and investments. You’ll also find finance MBAs managing large financial institutions administrating and managing all the functions of individual branch offices. Non-profits and governmental organizations often hire MBAs with a finance specialty to help manage their organizations as well.

Advances in technology have also changed the focus of the finance MBA. Computer programs make tracking and managing finances much simpler. Many finance MBAs do forecasting as well as reporting for the organizations they work for, as well as generating ideas and creative ways to increase profit. To be marketable as a finance MBA, be sure to also study the computer software and other applications that are used in the industry.

Ultimately, as the economy grows and recovers from our current downturn, there is a good change that companies and organizations will be seeking MBAs with a finance specialization to assist them in guiding them into the future. Do not delay! Enroll in a finance MBA program today.