Management Studies Master’s

Management Studies Master's Degree

The Master of Science in management studies (MMS) is intended to give basic business skills to the recent college graduate or the individual who wishes to change careers into the management field. The typical program focuses on the skills necessary for any manager to be successful. Organizations today are seeking more diverse managers and leaders who understand not only their particular field, but also the best business practices to lead their company to success. The goal of the MMS is to create leaders for today’s businesses.

Courses covered in the Master of Science in management studies generally include project management, human resource management, finance, organizational ethics, and statistical analysis. You also might learn about relationship management and study a variety of leadership theories and styles, while developing your own personal leadership skills. Business and leadership courses combine to attempt to give a strong foundation to students looking to take on leadership roles, not just in business but in the community, as well.

It usually takes a year (or approximately 36 credit hours plus a thesis) to complete a Master of Science in management studies, though of course, that will vary with each individual. Online programs make it easier for those who require a flexible schedule to advance their education. A student going to graduate school for an MMS will likely be asked to choose an area of concentration, and each program will differ in how they divide up those areas. Some examples of different concentrations include policy sciences, finance, and management science.

Careers available to the graduate of a management studies Master of Science depend on the chosen concentration. In the field of behavioral and policy sciences, you could find yourself working in public health helping to run a department efficiently or in a labor organization helping to manage a human resources team. In the past, graduates in the sciences such as biology, chemistry, computer science, technology, and engineering have chosen the MMS as a way to gain managerial skills and knowledge that complements their technical training.

Every organization, whether corporate, government or nonprofit, utilizes management skills in various positions. The Master of Science in management studies strive to provide advanced management studies for science, arts or humanities graduates who wish to pursue a career in any such company. More and more organizations seek to hire individuals with a diverse training in not only management, but also good business practices. Start earning an MMS today.