MBA in Advertising and Marketing

MBA Advertising Marketing

Advertising has become so ubiquitous that companies have to work harder than ever to capture the attention and loyalty of consumers. Because advertising is a part of every corporation’s marketing plan, experienced marketing managers that specialize in advertising are in high demand. Marketing and advertising is a growing business that is constantly evolving, and today, many companies are now seeking chief marketing officers. What does it take to become a marketing manger?

In order to have the edge in the marketing workplace, many find that they need additional credentials, and one credential to consider is the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in advertising and marketing. You need to know more about marketing than just the basics of the “four P’s” (in standard marketing lore, the “four P’s” are product, pricing, promotion, and placement). Typically, managers will have strong knowledge of the field and years of experience. One way to gain some of that knowledge is by attending business school and earning an MBA in marketing and advertising.

Advertising MBA Degree Curriculum

What is the marketing and advertising MBA degree? The MBA in advertising and marketing is a graduate-level degree in business management. The marketing specialization in the MBA aims to train students to understand the intricacies of management and risk management and to sharpen both their quantitative and qualitative skills.

No matter what your specialty, the first year of the MBA degree usually covers traditional business subjects, such as finance, administration, risk management, leadership, business law and ethics, human resources, and conflict management. As you finish the first portion of your MBA degree, your curriculum will typically adapt to focus more directly on marketing.

Some of the areas you may cover as part of the marketing and advertising MBA include development of consumer audiences, consumer behavior, market research, the analysis of demand, strategic planning, marketing campaigns, consumer relations, advertising, studying the market, cost volume and profits, and a range of other areas involved in marketing.

Advertising’s Place in the Marketing Process

Advertising comes down to having a conversation with consumers, and effective advertising requires extensive planning, execution, and management of a group of programs designed to bring your products to consumers and get consumers to purchase them. While advertising is only part of the marketing process, it is an important element of the conversation. If you are interested in creating and directing that conversation, the MBA in advertising degree could be your start.

The marketing and advertising MBA might end up being your key to future success in the field of marketing. Whether you already work in marketing or are interested in breaking into the field, the MBA in advertising and marketing is designed for both situations. Get started with a campus or online MBA degree today!