Marketing MBA Career

Marketing MBA Careers

Today, consumers have become incredibly savvy and have taken control in the marketplace. As a result, marketing has become a key component of strategy and business decision making. Executive managers are now primary players in the field of marketing and work to understand consumer knowledge to benefit their organization. In fact, a new need for executives with marketing experience has led to the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a focus on marketing. The marketing MBA combines management skills with marketing know-how and strives to make marketing MBA graduates invaluable members of any upper level management department.

Because every business is making, selling or providing goods and services, they need to market their products. In today’s businesses, executives with the marketing MBA have a wide variety of career options and can become an indispensable member of a company. Here are just a few of the career options available to graduates of the marketing MBA program:

  • Product and Brand Managers. This key position has immense responsibility. In charge of the profitability and market growth of a product, service or product line, the brand manager is basically the CEO of that particular brand, product or service. Brand managers coordinate and oversee a number of different areas of a corporation to coordinate the successful and efficient disbursement of products to the marketplace. Some product managers have international responsibilities, but most focus specifically on local and national markets.
  • New Product Development Specialist. Whenever a company or organization decides to create a new product or service, they typically set up a standard protocol to promote the new product and establish brand awareness. Establishing that protocol and marketing plan for any new product or service is the job of the new product development specialist. Once the product has been introduced and marketed, it is typically handed over to the brand or product manager.
  • Marketing Managers/Directors. One step up above product manager or brand manager is the marketing manager, who focuses not only on a single product or service, but the overall offerings of a company. The marketing manager also is responsible for maintaining relationships with current customers and often works with new and emerging technologies. This is a highly demanding job that requires extensive knowledge.
  • Chief Marketing Officer. This is a newer executive position that covers not just the “four P’s” of marketing (product, pricing, promotion, and placement), but also all of the other issues that arise in promoting products: international relations and issues, customer retention, promotion of new products, and developing new products. All of the above positions report to the CMO of an organization.

As you can see, there are a plethora of opportunities available in the field of marketing. If you are already working in marketing, consider earning your MBA. Get started today!