Marketing MBA and E-Commerce

Marketing MBA Ecommerce

Today, consumers no longer receive their products and services directly from stores or service providers. The Internet has changed the world of business dramatically, and now many consumers purchase their goods online rather than heading to the store. As a result, many CEOs are struggling to find executives that have a solid sense of not only traditional marketing, but also e-commerce and marketing over the Internet. Luckily, schools that offer the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in marketing have recognized this need and now incorporate aspects of both e-commerce and online marketing into their marketing programs. In fact, some schools offer a minor or co-major in e-commerce along with their marketing MBA programs.

If you want to work at the intersection of marketing and e-commerce, the marketing MBA might be a good idea. This degree program aims to prepare you for a career in management at either an e-commerce or e-business company, as well as the head of the e-commerce department of an already established traditional business. The particular industry skills and issues that relate to e-commerce are typically met by the MBA degree, while also striving to impart to its graduates the general management skills needed to work as an executive.

What is the marketing MBA? This graduate level degree offers the best of both worlds: extensive study in both management and marketing. This degree can be completed in a variety of ways, either as a traditional master’s degree or in the evenings, weekends or even online. You can earn this degree in as little as a year or take longer earning the degree part-time. But no matter how you do it, you will have earned a respected credential—the MBA in marketing.

The MBA in marketing with an e-commerce subspecialty will generally combine the fundamentals of business, along with the particular requirements of both the information technology needed for e-commerce, as well as the specific marketing techniques for the Internet. The main focus of the curriculum is focused on how to market, run, and profit from an e-business or the e-commerce element of a traditional bricks-and-mortar business.

Because e-commerce is still a fairly new industry (barely a decade old), business schools have been working at top speed to adapt their curriculums to embrace this new aspect of business. If you are interested in online marketing, the MBA in marketing with an e-commerce subspecialty might be of interest. Get started today!