Accounting & Finance MBA Careers

Accounting & Finance MBA Careers

Are you considering a career change? Thinking about earning a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in finance or accounting? Then you are making a smart choice! An MBA in finance or accounting may open you up to a new selection of career options.

So, where can you expect to work with an MBA in finance or accounting? Here are just a few of the possible careers you can enjoy with that MBA, broken-up into different sectors of the business world.

Financial Industry

If you choose to work in the financial industry, there is the possibility of a high salary and bonuses, depending on your role and value to the company, but also some positions can have less of a job security than others. However, many find these careers to be fast-paced and fun, so for you, they might be worth the risk.

Financial Managers and Analysts: Using accounting data, these financial specialists help make decisions about business development and long-range planning. Financial managers and analysts also create reports that help determine the critical data needed to make company decisions.

Investment Bankers and Banking Associates: These experts work with companies and other organizations that need capital, as well as individuals and companies that are seeking good investments. Providing investment advice is the foundation of this career path.

Credit Managers and Specialists: These authorities in credit help banks manage the credit they extend to individuals and corporations. They calculate risk and determine the criteria for extending credit.

Manufacturing, Service, Non-Profits, and Governmental Agencies

This may seem like a large group of businesses, but they have a few key positions in common.

Chief Financial Officers: The manager in charge of all things finance at an organization, this position comes with great responsibility – and great rewards.

Treasurers and Finance and Cash Managers: These individuals oversee the day-to-day financial management of an organization and help keep cash flow solvent.

Management Consultants: These experts bring their extensive knowledge to bear at a variety of companies advising on everything from staffing to financial strategy.

Controllers: These number gurus prepare reports that sum up an organization’s financial picture and work to comply with the various issues raised by regulatory agencies.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for those that have an MBA degree in finance or accounting. What are you waiting for? Start your future today!