Accounting MBA

Accounting MBA

In recent years, there have been sweeping changes to the world economy, creating a need for accounting professionals with management experience. Today’s financial climate requires both corporations and governments to do more financial reporting than ever before, increasing the demand for skilled financial managers. A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in accounting is a qualification for individuals working in business accounts administration to consider.

Relevancy of the MBA: Accounting Legal Hurdles

In the last five years, due to corporate fraud, there have been significant legal changes that have made corporate financial reporting policies complicated and confusing. An MBA in accounting attempts to provide future managers with the expertise to navigate this new corporate landscape. The substantial changes regarding areas like cost accounting, taxes, and financial reporting standards require companies to have effective internal controls and policies to meet these new legal standards.

Because the new laws hold chief executives legally responsible for false reporting, individuals with a great business background and strong credentials, such as the accounting MBA, are becoming an important part of the management staff of many companies. If you are already working in finance or have CPA qualifications, an MBA in accounting will not only strive to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to get ahead, but depending on your position and company, it may even increase your salary. Even in today’s challenging economic times, it is still possible for a graduate of an accounting MBA program to earn a satisfactory income.

Accounting MBA Career Options

Where can individuals with the MBA in accounting find themselves working? Most tend to become employed by major financial institutions based in the financial centers around the country. Others work as financial analysts, in the insurance industry or with securities and commodities brokers. But many also work for smaller organizations, including non-profits. Additionally, local, state, and federal government agencies are seeking highly skilled financial and accounting specialists. In other words, whatever your interests, the skills you could gain from an accounting MBA degree are in demand at a variety of organizations.

If you are interested in earning an MBA in accounting, you have more options than ever before. There are programs available entirely online so you do not have to quit your current job, as well as weekend programs and accelerated degree options. Consider earning your accounting MBA, and explore our accounting programs below. Launch your career in accounting management today!