Your Perfect MBA Internship

Perfect MBA Internship

You know that the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree is the right choice for you, and you have taken steps to find the ideal MBA school. You have received your acceptance letter, and you are prepared to launch yourself into the world of management and business theory. Eventually, however, you will need to take the first step toward putting those theories into practice and that can come in the form of your MBA internship.

Full-time MBA students traditionally undertake an MBA internship in the summer between their first and second year of graduate business school. Businesses that offer internships to MBA students have been known to use these programs as a recruiting tool, hiring directly from the program – sometimes at a higher salary than those they hire outside of internships. Not every MBA student undertakes an internship, however, because so many MBA students now attend school online or part-time while already working. Internships can be discarded in favor of real-world work experience.

Nevertheless, if you are a full-time MBA student, an internship can provide valuable experience. What factors do you need to consider when undertaking the MBA internship? If you are hoping to use your internship as a stepping-stone in your career, you should be sure that you choose an internship in your career specialty and industry choice. Obviously, an internship outside of your career path will likely not be as beneficial to your career nor would an internship outside your chosen industry. Many MBA students have a firm idea of their long-term career goals, so this can be a simple step.

Another important factor to consider is geographic location. Some industries have geographic hubs, but others are scattered throughout the United States, and given today’s global economy, throughout the world. It is important to determine what type of business you prefer but also where you want to live. Because some businesses hire directly from their intern pool, it makes good sense to choose a company and a location that appeals to your long term desires.

Once you have narrowed down these important factors, you might begin to create a list of potential organizations with which to seek internships. You may want to also utilize the connections you have in the business community to gain access to the most high-profile internships, as well as your MBA faculty.

With the right MBA internship, you will be taking the first step down your path in business. By taking your time and carefully choosing the right MBA internship for you and your career goals, you may be one step closer towards advancing your future. Good luck!