The Marketing MS

Marketing MS

While much of marketing strategy is focused primarily on communications, the more technical side of marketing is just as critical and requires specific skills. This can mean everything from supply chain issues, to project management, to market research. One way to gain some of these specific marketing skills is with a graduate degree that focuses on technical marketing, and that degree is the Masters of Science in marketing. The marketing MS is geared towards those who are interested in marketing but prefer to remain on the research side.

What does the Masters of Science (MS) in marketing teach you? As with the marketing MBA, the curriculum of the MS in marketing will strive to help increase your understanding of marketing theory, practice, and implementation. You will likely study marketing analysis and research, consumer research, and strategic marketing planning and execution.

In some marketing MS degree programs, communication strategy is specifically integrated. In the MS in marketing degree, you might also study more practical content in communications and marketing and use real case studies to gain better understanding of marketing. No matter what marketing MS degree program you choose to pursue, the goal of the program will be to help you gain solid technical skills that will aid you in formulating plans and creating a working strategy for any company or non-profit organization. Today’s economy is knowledge-driven, and the ability to conduct solid market research from the massive data available today will make graduates of the MS program more in demand.

Once you have completed your MS degree in marketing, your career opportunities may be broadened. You can work as a research analyst, an advertising executive, a marketing consultant, and more. Additionally, the high level of marketing currently happening in social media platforms creates a series of new opportunities for the more technical marketing experts. The Masters of Science in marketing may help you to advance your position and potentially increase your salary.

If you already work in a marketing environment, you might be looking for a way to move into management. With a marketing master’s degree, you can work towards a successful career. Because of the cutting edge nature of this area of business, you need to be able to rise to the challenge of a senior or managerial role within marketing, and the Masters of Science in marketing will attempt to equip you with the skills, qualities, and confidence to rise to this challenge. Get started today!