Why Do We Need the Operations MBA?

Need for Operations MBA

Since the industrial revolution, the production of goods and services has become the role of most businesses and organizations. In order to gain maximal profits, the basic business operations need to function at peak efficiency, yet continue to meet all of the customer’s requirements. In other words, the system of operations manages the process of taking materials, labor, and energy and turning them into goods and services.

As different methodologies developed, business schools saw a need to integrate the various theories and systems that different organizations used to manage their operations into a degree: the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in operations management. This remarkable degree integrates both the history of manufacturing and business management into an education that provides the foundational knowledge needed by companies to keep their profits high and their expenses low. Without the substantial comprehensive knowledge that the MBA in operations aims to impart, managers can make simple yet costly mistakes that will slow down an organization’s success.

So what is the MBA with an operations specialization? The MBA is a graduate level degree that can take anywhere from one to three years to complete depending on the program you choose. Today there are a wide variety of ways to earn your MBA degree, whether it is through an executive MBA program that takes a year, to a standard two-year program, to the many options available on the evenings, weekends, and online.

In order to specialize in operations, you will likely switch from general business topics to more focused subjects, such as purchasing, inventory and quality control, logistics, evaluation, and storage. This degree strives to help graduates cultivate their ability to assume management positions in operations departments.

One of the primary reasons the operations MBA has become so critical for managers is because of the increased focus on a global economy. The challenges that globalization presents require specialized skills in management. Operations management focuses on the intricate management of the processes that go into producing and distributing both products and services. The goal of the operations MBA is to train students in all of the skills required for successful operations management, including managing purchases, inventory control, quality control, storage, logistics, and evaluations and corrections of processes.

As you can see, for businesses to succeed they need strong business managers, particularly in the area of operations. The operations specialty in the MBA degree attempts to create skilled operations managers. If you are interested in being in management in operations, the operations MBA is a degree to consider. Enroll today.