Benefits of One Year MBA Programs

Benefits of One Year MBA Program

A one year MBA, which is also known as an accelerated MBA or fast track MBA, is an MBA program that can take anywhere from 10 to 18 months, as opposed to 24 months, to complete. One year MBA programs are the norm in Europe, but did not start to take hold in the US until recently. Currently, there are about 90 schools around the world that offer 1 year MBA programs.

It is possible to get an MBA in one year because there is less downtime between semesters and throughout the school year. Furthermore, there are fewer opportunities for specialization and taking elective courses. Some well-known business schools that offer one year MBA programs in the US include, Cornell University, Emory University, Columbia Business School, and Northwestern University.

Should I Consider 1 Year MBA Programs?

Getting a one year MBA is a solution for anyone who cannot afford to take two years or more off from work in order to attend school. Ideal candidates for accelerated programs include those who already have a few years of professional work experience under their belts and possess a graduate degree in a complimentary field. Some 1 year MBA programs just require applicants to have an undergraduate degree in business and a few years of professional work experience.

Several one year MBA programs cater to students who want to pursue their MBAs immediately upon graduating from their undergraduate degree programs. These students find it advantageous to study full-time and obtain their MBAs early on rather than waiting until later in their career, when they’d have to take evening and weekend courses part-time in order to pursue their degrees.

One Year Online MBA Programs

One year online MBA programs are another option available to those interested in obtaining their MBAs in a shorter amount of time than traditional programs allow. Schools that allow you to pursue an online MBA one year program are suited to working professionals who cannot leave their jobs for any amount of time. Professionals with families also benefit from one year online MBA programs because they can complete the coursework at home and do not need to attend classes on campus.

The downside of pursuing accelerated MBA programs, whether on or offline, is that they are fast-paced. Keeping up with the demanding coursework can be exhausting. The programs consist of five full days of intensive lecturing and projects, one week after the next, except during Christmas vacation. For some students, this is simply too much to handle.

In addition, students who take time to absorb the course material and require help switching careers or finding jobs may find that accelerated programs do not provide them with enough support and assistance.

Nevertheless, for busy professionals who have a clear idea of where they want to go in their careers and who have the time, motivation, and energy to handle an intensive course load, pursuing a one year MBA remains an excellent option. Start exploring one year MBA programs today!