MBA in Operations Management

MBA Operations Management.

Successful businesses, particularly large ones, not only have to focus on the outside factors that guide sales and income, they also have to manage and facilitate their internal operations to keep the organization at peak efficiency and effectiveness. The term “operations” refers to the job of overseeing a company’s product development and distribution. One way to increase some of your knowledge and business skills related to the areas of operations and production is to earn the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in operations management.

Operations Management MBA Requirements

In order to enroll in an operations management MBA program, students should have an undergraduate degree and score well on the GMAT exam. Some business schools also require an interview as part of the application process. Once accepted, the length of the MBA program can vary, but many can be completed in two to three years. A number of schools offer flexible options for the busy or working adult, including evening and online classes.

Generally, the curriculum for the MBA in operations management focuses on general business topics before expanding into the specifics of operations. Operations management MBA courses may focus on the purchasing of inventory, production, efficiency, and quality control of performance. This degree strives to develop the business skills of students so that they will be better prepared to enter into management positions within the field of operations.

Careers for Operations and Production MBA Graduates

Once you have earned your MBA in operations management, what kind of position will become available to you? Operations management MBA graduates often work as general operations mangers, responsible for budgets, hiring and training employees, as well as equipment procurement and policy development. They can also work as operations management engineers who develop technical and scientific goals for an organization.

Other positions available include operations management in production planning and quality control. Additionally, graduates with the operations management MBA can be found in service operations working as internal consultants and quality analysts. Best of all, depending on the company and your position, these career opportunities have the potential to generate an excellent salary.

Whether you are currently working in operations or production, the MBA in operations management is a tool that could contribute to your success in these exciting fields. Start achieving your education goals. Enroll in an MBA program today!