Operations MBA Curriculum

Operations MBA Curriculum

If you have decided to take that next step forward in your career and start working on a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in operations, good for you! You have made a smart choice that may help to open more doors for you in your career. But what will you learn?

MBA programs, no matter which school you choose, have a few key elements in common. First and foremost, no matter what specialization you choose to focus on in your MBA, there are core curriculum items that are paramount. Without a strong understanding of these key points, specialization may not be as effective.

So at the beginning of your MBA program, you will likely focus on the basics of business. You might learn about business strategy and how to factor outside and internal elements into making long-term plans for a business. You may study basic accounting, including recent legal changes that have impacted how businesses report their finances. Economic philosophies, finance, financial management, and critical elements of human resources and how important it is to form a great team may all be emphasized in coursework. Lastly, your curriculum might also involve learning about marketing management and how quickly marketing is changing thanks to the Internet, as well as ways to use the knowledge gained from statistics to create business strategy.

Once you’ve completed these basic studies, you will then likely narrow your focus and study issues that more directly focus on operations. The operations MBA strives to offer the foundational skills you need to manage the operations of an organization. You might have courses that discuss how to plan, coordinate, and manage the people and technology used to turn raw materials into goods and services. Additionally, you might also have courses focusing on manufacturing systems management, service operations management, quality control, logistics, supply chain operations, and advanced diagnostic tools. The MBA in operations is designed to help make students more equipped to take on management in manufacturing or service.

An MBA with a specialization in operations is a fascinating and rewarding curriculum and can lead to an exciting array of career options. With the operations MBA, your career opportunities may become broadened. Take that next step, and earn your operations MBA!