Operations Management MBA and Internet Based Production

Operations Management MBA and Internet Production

Studies have already shown a marked increase in productivity when applications of modern communication technologies are implemented. The change in technology that is available to be utilized has, consequently, directly influenced the field of operations management. A manager needs to be up to date with information about regulations that change as a direct result of this new technology being used. As a necessity, therefore, the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in operations management has changed as well.

An operations management MBA might be for you if you enjoy organizing things, are a good decision-maker, and have the ability to see the big picture. Every business wants to meet the same basic goals: to increase productivity, increase profit, and increase efficiency. An operations manager will oversee and seek to improve a company’s Internet based production, as well as direct production. Duties include inventory control, storage, managing purchasing, and distribution. A graduate with an MBA in operations management might go on to a career as a project manager, supply chain analyst or service operator. Consulting firms also appreciate developed analytical skills.

Your coursework in the operations management MBA program will typically first give you a broad education in business administration tactics, covering classes such as accounting, data analysis, finance, micro economics, and the like. The focus on operations management might take you through classes such as supply chain management, operations strategy, and quality management, as well as simulation modeling, risk management, Internet marketing, and e-commerce.

The curriculum will strive to give you the analytical skills needed to do well in this increasingly more technologically advanced field and will attempt to teach you to take Internet based production into consideration when creating business models.

Recent graduates may find entry-level positions as an operations manager, operations consultant, manager of business process improvement or project manager. Once you have proven yourself in the field, you might advance to become the senior operations manager or product manager. Some cross over into more general corporate positions, such as the CFO or even CEO also exist.

Operations managers plan, direct or coordinate the operations of a company or organization, and in today’s market, most operations involve Internet based production. If you are interested in entering into management, take the first step. Consider earning an operation management MBA degree today.