Operations Management Salary: MBA Earnings

Operations Management Salary

The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in operations management is one of the most specific of the MBA specialties but also does offer some diverse career options. Most operations management MBA graduates fall into two specific categories: service operations in manufacturing and/or production operations. You will also find operations MBA graduates working for many governmental agencies and even non-profit organizations.

Average Operations Management Salary

The average operations management salary is fairly stable. A general operations manager or a production manager can typically earn an above average yearly salary, usually in a smaller organization or in a non-profit, academic or government organization. Plant managers, supply chain managers, and directors of operations usually do even better, but the upper management positions, such as vice president of operations or the chief financial officer, often have the highest salaries. Of course, in addition to job position, factors such as experience and location can also influence income.

So what is the MBA in operations management? The MBA is a graduate level degree that can take anywhere from one to three years to complete depending on the program you choose. In order to qualify for the MBA, you must have an undergraduate degree (preferably in operations, engineering or finance), and you must have a good score on the GMAT test.

Today, there are a wide variety of ways to earn your MBA degree, whether it is through an executive MBA program that takes a year, to a standard two-year program, to the many options available on the evenings, weekends, and online. In order to specialize in operations, you will likely switch from general business topics to more focused subjects, such as business and production, planning and design, manufacturing systems management, service operations management, quality control and assessment, logistics, and supply chain economics.

Operations Career Opportunities

Once you have completed your operations MBA, your career opportunities may be broadened, primarily in the manufacturing or service sector. Many individuals with an operations MBA work on a national or even international scale, particularly in manufacturing. You might also find work as a consultant or working in service operations helping to manage a service related industry.

The outlook for the average operations management salary is positive. Even in today’s difficult economy, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the need for operations managers will increase over the next decade, although competition for the best positions will be strong. So an operations MBA can be a smart choice. Start exploring MBA schools today!