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MBA in supply chain management

MBA in Supply Chain Management

Taking raw materials and overseeing the process by which they are transformed into products is a part of business called supply chain management. Supply chain management is also related to the planning of every step in the chain of sourcing, procurement, conversion, and of course, logistics management. The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in supply […]

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MBA vs. Accounting Master/s Degree

MBA vs. Accounting Master’s Degree

If you are interested in a managerial position in the accounting field, two courses of study available to you are the Master of Accounting (MAcc) or aMasters in Business Administration (MBA) with a focus in accounting. Generally, an MBA will give a broader base of business skills applicable to other areas, whereas an MAcc gives […]

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Banking Finance MBA

Banking and Finance MBA

The economy is no longer just local. It is not even simply national anymore; today, the economy is global. When a bank fails in Wichita, Kansas, the impact can be felt as far as Japan and Africa. With a worldwide economy that is connected in a vast array of ways, it is important that those […]

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MBA Salaries on the Rise

Are MBA Salaries Still on the Rise?

Historically, adding a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree to your portfolio has had the reputation of increasing your salary. However, today with the burst of the housing bubble and the reorganization of many banks, the economy has been sent into a tailspin. So can an MBA graduate still expect to dramatically increase their salary? […]

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Finance Masters vs. MBA in Finance

Finance Master’s vs. the MBA in Finance

Many people interested in pursuing a career in finance finish their undergraduate degree and find themselves faced with two options: A finance master’s or a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a finance specialization. Each has intensive course study, specialization, and career opportunities waiting at the end. How do you know which one is right […]

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