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Information Technology MBA in Government

Information Technology MBA and Government

Not long ago, those that graduated from business school with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree found most of their jobs within the financial industry or working for large corporations in the financial offices. Today, with the massive changes to our economy and the instability that is present within some major corporations and the […]

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IT MBA Mobile Computing

IT MBA and Mobile Computing

It is hard to believe that before 2001 there were no Blackberries or iPhones, and the few “smartphones” that were available were prohibitively expensive. Today this is no longer true, and in fact, the vast majority of mobile phones have some sort of capability that goes above and beyond just making phone calls. Toss laptop […]

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IT MBA Supply Chain Management

The IT MBA & Supply Chain Management

In the many complex elements of the global economy, intricate systems maintain inventory and supplies to companies and industries throughout the world. Without these systems, commerce would be unable to maintain the process and flow that facilitate profit. Two important components help keep the balance: managers and information technology. The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) […]

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Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught

Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

Due to the risky nature of starting your own business, entrepreneurs can often be defined by a certain set of characteristics: they can be risk-takers, they can be passionate, and they can excel at creating and working through their jobs. However, in some cases, entrepreneurs do not always have the business experience to back up […]

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Brain Drain and International MBA

Brain Drain and the International MBA

The economic downturn currently plaguing the United States has hit every nation around the world; Japan, Europe, India, and even nations like China have been affected. One of the unexpected problems caused by our economic crisis is that our well-trained executives are taking their skills and knowledge and finding work far from their native shores. […]

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