Perfecting Your MBA Application

Perfecting Your MBA Application

If you have decided to pursue a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree, congratulations! You have made a smart choice. But before you begin planning for your future career, you need to get into an MBA program first, which means you need to craft the perfect business school application.

What do MBA programs look for in your application? There are several critical elements that need to be considered when you craft your application. Here is a breakdown of the application and how important each element is in making your application rise to the top of the prospective student list.


Before you apply to an MBA program, you need to take your Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), and you need to score well. Whatever steps you need to take to ensure a high GMAT score, whether it be purchasing practice exams, taking classes or one-on-one tutoring sessions, it’s important that your GMAT score meet the requirements of the schools you choose to apply to.

Academic History

You need to have a higher than average grade point average for your undergraduate degree. Most business schools are highly competitive, and average students often do not make the cut. However, other elements such as job history and experience can help raise your profile if your academic history is lacking.

Work Experience

While the MBA program provides you with the higher-level skills you need to succeed in business, most business schools want to see what kind of commitment you have to your career. Prior work history is an important element to your MBA application.


Business schools want to see what others think of you. They want to know what your employers, your teachers, and others think about you and why you would be an ideal MBA candidate. (If your boss is an alumnus of the business school of your choice, even better.)

The Application Itself

Besides the GMAT score, the application itself often requires a personal essay. If you hope to impress your business school, it is important to spend some time learning what your particular school is looking for in the essay and to spend a fair amount of time crafting and perfecting it. This is not the time to be slack on grammar, spelling or context: you need to make your essay shine.

Don’t delay. Find the right school for you, and begin the MBA application process today.