Master of Science in Public Administration

Master of Science Public Administration

The Master of Science in public administration (MSPA) is a professional degree intended to educate individuals for service in government or in the nonprofit sector, as well as prepare them for work in private sector positions that involve regular contact with public administrations. Graduate programs strive to give students the knowledge and skills required for effective public management and to best represent the public interest. Public servants are badly needed throughout all levels of government and nonprofit agencies. If you are interested in affecting change in policy as an agent to the public’s needs, then a MSPA may be right for you.

Students studying for the Master of Science in public administration will likely have coursework focusing on managerial and analytical skills and how to integrate administrative theory and practice. The goal of the MSPA is for students to gain an understanding of government and nonprofit agencies and their processes, as well as the political and economic environment in which the administrator works. Additionally, a mixture of technical as well as general skills needed for management will likely be discussed. A graduate with an MSPA may serve as a city manager, budget analyst, project coordinator, and more. When selecting a master’s program in public administration, be sure that the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) has accredited it.

There are many career opportunities where one can make a difference as a graduate with a Master of Science in public administration. A city administrator, for example, is the person hired by a city to oversee operation of city business and act as liaison between the city and all other levels of government. Departments working under the city administrator include police, fire, all utilities, and transit. Another job in public administration is the policy analyst, who develops and advises on policies guiding the blueprint, execution, and revision of government and private operations. Salaries vary depending on your job title and whether you are working in the public, private or nonprofit arena. A program coordinator in a nonprofit agency will likely make much less than a city manager, for instance.

Work in public administration can be incredibly rewarding. You will have the possibility of creating real changes for the benefit of your county, your city or your country. A Masters of Science in public administration aims to teach you to analyze already existing public policies, understand budget allocations, and be an effective project manager. With an MSPA, you may want to pursue jobs in any level government, in public service sectors or in non-profit organizations. All these jobs require a motivated individual who looks to the bottom line and believes in public service. If this is you, then a Masters of Science in public administration may be the right course of study to take!