MBA vs MS vs MA in Supply Chain Management

MBA Vs MS Vs MA Supply Chain Management

If you are detail oriented, enjoy organization and management, have strong computer and communication skills, have a good understanding of strategy and planning, and already work in some aspect of organizational management, you can develop your talents in a fascinating occupation where you control the movements of data, goods, and services in supply chain management. The pace is fast in the area of supply chain management. Companies are seeking innovative leaders to manage their supply chains.

The global supply chain deals with the whole range of movements of information, services, and goods. Supply chain expertise is an essential component of the world’s economic integrity. The usual background for students interested in the management of supply chain includes some mathematics, statistics, economics or business studies.

There are several graduate degree paths to success in supply chain management, including three separate graduate degree options. But which degree is best for you? Should you choose the Master of Arts (MA) degree, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree or a Master of Science (MS)? In addition to the traditional daytime schedules, many colleges offer these programs with courses in the evenings and on weekends. Quite a number of programs are also offered partly or completely online.

First, consider the Master of Arts in supply chain organization. Students working on an MA will generally learn about all parts of the logistics of supply chains. This comprises quality assurance, life-cycle cost/benefit assessments, management of inventory, and transportation and distribution coordinators. This degree will strive to increase and ultimately improve your company’s economic stability as you apply the theories acquired in the MA program to the systems in place at your organization.

Secondly, the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in supply chain management will likely gives you hands-on experience in logistics and organizational operations. Instruction in this type of program will strive to give you a firm foundation in problem solving, marketing, and all the issues confronting a manager of supply chasing, such as purchasing, sourcing, and transportation. This degree also attempts to provide a wide overview of all management techniques, leaving you with the skills you need to manage any organization’s supply chain.

Lastly, the Masters of Science in supply chain management is a more technically focused degree, looking at the actual how-to of managing a supply chain effectively. The program aims to prepare you to use your analytical skills in strategic supply chain management. You might further develop skills in modeling, problem-solving, and manufacturing management. Students are usually expected to engage in group work and give presentations while earning this degree.

Whether you are looking to build upon your existing career or begin an exciting and new high-level profession, earning a graduate degree in supply chain management can help provide you with some of the knowledge and skills required to succeed. You will be given rigorous training, including assignments, reports, presentations, and group projects all designed to encourage you to gain the savvy and the proficiencies you need to find solutions in everyday business situations. Select a program today!