Supply Chain MBA Careers

Supply Chain MBA Careers

Supply chain management offers a vast array of career tracks, because it is the foundation of a large portion of today’s industry. Supply chain management is critical at all levels, from smaller businesses to major corporations. Reliable supply chain managers are needed to ensure the most efficient, profitable, and competitive operations possible.

Supply chain management has become a dynamic profession for young professionals, because there is so much room and growth in the field. One way to gain access to supply chain management positions is to cultivate your knowledge with the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in supply chain management. However, once you’ve earned the MBA, what are your career options?

Supply chain managers are able to choose from a plethora of options. They can work designing supply chain systems, as well as auditing current systems, researching improvements, analyzing current systems, and other areas. Supply chain managers also do budgeting and forecasting, as well as buying and planning functions. Once you have earned the MBA in supply chain management, interesting career opportunities may become available to you. Here are just a few possibilities:

  • Materials Scheduler. Coordinating raw materials and inventory with production schedules, materials schedulers make sure the right materials, in the right amounts, arrive at the right time. They also facilitate the release of completed products and ensure quality.
  • Materials Analyst/Manager. This position is in charge of materials and inventory. They manage inventory levels, partner with purchasing managers, and often coordinate warehousing, receiving, and scheduling issues. Additionally, the materials analyst works with engineers and product developers to create new systems to enable production.
  • Production Analyst/Manager. These supply chain specialists function as branch plant managers in the manufacturing industry. This position often is the stepping stone to plant management careers, as well as a possible route to other positions in operations, such as COO.
  • Procurement Analyst/Purchasing Manager. Obviously, this supply chain position focuses on a company’s purchasing systems. Procurement analysts often analyze purchasing histories and forecast expenses. Purchasing managers play a critical role in most organizations and work with materials managers and other manufacturing departments.

There are many other positions, such as a supply chain analyst, supply chain systems manager, supply chain manager, and also in the department of logistics. As you can see, working in supply chain management is full of exciting opportunities. If you earn your MBA in supply chain management, there are many excellent career paths to choose from. Search for a school today!