Supply Chain MBA Curriculum

Suuply Chain MBA Curriculum

If you have decided to take that next step forward in your career and start working on a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in supply chain management, good for you! You have made a great choice that might lead to more career opportunities in the future, as well as a potential salary increase. It is well known that the MBA degree involves a rigorous curriculum in various management subjects. But, specifically, what will you learn?

MBA programs, no matter which school you choose, have a few key elements in common. First and foremost, there are core curriculum items that are paramount. These basic principals teach students about the complex responsibilities facing business leaders, particularly in our rapidly changing economy.

At the beginning of your MBA program, you will likely focus on the basics of business. You might study marketing management and how quickly marketing is changing thanks to the Internet. Your courses may focus on business strategy, how to factor outside and internal elements into making long-term plans for a business, and basic accounting, including recent legal changes that have impacted how businesses report their finances. The curriculum could also require classes that discuss economics, financial management, critical elements of human resources, and statistics.

The second year of your supply chain management MBA generally focuses more sharply on specific supply chain subjects. You might study supply chain information flows, effective logistics decision-making, project management, cost management, managing global risk, and other subjects chosen by you. Throughout your coursework, the latest technology and software programs will likely be emphasized.

An MBA with a specialization in supply chain management has a fascinating and rewarding curriculum and can lead to an exciting array of career options. A supply chain management MBA is a great credential to add to you resume. Take that next step with your career. Earn your MBA!